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Art is Hard
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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
6:20 pm
system of a down trips me out when im high.

Current Mood: high
Monday, April 4th, 2005
11:10 pm
today was the first day that i didnt smoke any weed for a really long time.... anonymous crowd's new song is turning out to be the shit. im very excited to debut it at my house on april 9th. everyone who reads my journal which is like 2 people maybe should come to 2500 loyola dr. this saturday for a kick ass beach boys beach dance party...

last night i went down slidehill on my feet like 4 times and today i could barely walk because i fell everytime at the bottem. i could barely walk up the hill i was so drunk but i made it all the way down the slide without falling. then we got hella people into a box and went down the slide... then this random guy broke it the box. then the sketchiest people on the planet showed up with this board with wheels on it but one of the wheels was missing. i thought i was crazy for going down on me feet but those muther fuckers were insane... hands down... and i guess one of em was in prison and i asked him if he got raped in the ass... he wasnt that excited... oh well im friends with sketchier people than tghat guy.

april 9th mutha fuckers.... 2 kegs please come...
Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
2:22 am
i work from 5:15 to 1:45 am only to find someone spilled shit all over my bed and didnt bother to clean it up. who the fuck does that.... someone had to do it but no will fess up... fuck i just want to sleep
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
1:15 pm
smoke herb like a low budget rapper
away from you my mind meanders
simple thoughts and numbed out feelings
makes this world not so overwelming
without you

Current Mood: artistic
Friday, March 18th, 2005
12:33 pm
the only reason our house in considered drama is because of this stupid webpage
Monday, January 10th, 2005
2:10 pm
i only write these when something shitty happens. im quite irate that chris out of the goodness in his heart drove me, ashley, and adam to see idiot pilot and while we were dining after the show his car was broken into and a bunch of expensive and important shit got stolen. not fair. idiot pilot is pretty damn good too. so was mini pop as well as being adorable. mitzi, stephanie and matt were there. i love those guys but i hate salinas even more as kyle wrote "the faint... you aint." about the anonymous crowd. unchill. that asshole gets my amp stolen then fuckin talks shit. i guess theres one more on my shit list. oh well hes a sketchy drug dealer with no talent who likes the new 18v cd. what a bitch. i hate salinas and the evil people that spawn out of the desolite mire of backstabbing and lies.

the other thing is jessie and arwin broke up again which means jessie is gonna be sad. which means im gonna be sad. and ive been sad a lot lately which is not normal for me.

i may get a job at in n out... i have an interview today at 3. im dressed pretty smooth and im ready to rock. oh and me and jeffs band is gonna kick ass. talk shit now but were gonna be good.
Monday, December 27th, 2004
4:46 pm
take this knife out of my back
well, this holiday season has been one of betrayel, lieing, and backstabbing. The extent of the sketchiness of paige is unbelievable. In hindsite, i should have seen it coming. I got fucked over.

Jan. 13th, we have a show in SLO. show was ehhhh whatev. Got super stoned. Put my gear in richie's (singer of paige) car and rode home with him. I spent the night at Justin, matt, richie, and kyles apartment and had to take the train back to davis the next day. I have nowhere to put my amp because i cant bring it on the train. so i ask justin if he could take care of my amp when he takes care of his amp and keep them together. he said sure dude no problem. because hes my friend right?

two days later i call him from davis to find out if he took care of it. he said no. i asked him "why not?" he said "hey man, you gotta take responsibility for your own shit." to myself im thinkin "ya thanks fucker for telling me when im 2 and a half hours away." But i just asked "well can you take care of it?" and he replied "if i remember." I knew he was just smoking weed and wasting away in his house and was too lazy to do shit.

dec. 23rd we have a show in marina. i show up around 7 ish. Everyone was there, except for richie, however those of us who were there were all scattered. i say hey to some of my old high school friends. one of them tells me that he heard i had been kicked out of paige and replaced by matt. i said "what the fuck? i think id know if i was kicked out of my band." he just said "i guess youre right." whatever id been thinking of quitting anyway. but i decide to find out for sure. I ask justin if he knew anything about me being kicked out of the band. he just said "who told your that? you know what? i heard i was being kicked out too. we need to have a band meeting because too much shit is being talked." i said "damn right we need to have a band meeting!" that conversation ends.

watch some bands play. then i ask justin where my amp is? he said "i dunno?" i said "what do you mean you dont know?" he pulled the same shit "man you gotta take responsibility for your own shit." "i was like well where is my amp now?" he said " i dunno" then i asked "well is it richies car?" justin "i dont know, i dont think so."

fuck. so i ask richie if he knows where my amp is. richie "i dunno where your amp is. i dont concern myself with the equipment." then i said " well, when did it leave your car?" richie "like a couple days after" i asked "and you dont know who took it?" richie said "i dunno, its prolly in our new practice space."

played the show and it was fun. jessie and jeff made out which was also fun. partied a little bit over at matts house after the show. then went to my moms house and crashed.

next day, i called justin 5 times to find out where my amp is. no awnser. so i called jason. he picks up. i asked him what the deal with justin was, is he trying to steal my amp or what? he said no i dont think their trying to do that. i said well what else am i supposed to think. he then finally told me that my amp got stolen and richie and justin were to scared to tell because it was their fault. so im pissed, i lost my amp and i was lied to by my supposed friends.

i think about it and i talk to jason later online and tell him im quitting. hes like "are you sure?" i said "ya, i cant trust these guys man, i dont even consider them my friends anymore. they dont even have the courage to tell me they fucked up and got my amp stolen." he says "ok i tell everyone." i said "thanks dude" i continue to talk to jason and shoot the shit whatever and i find out that they had me and tim replaced a week before the show on the 23rd. they just failed to tell us. fuck that. that means when i asked justin if i was being kicked out. he straight lied to my face. youre a spineless coward you fuck and i hate you. you owe me 500 dollars for my amp you piece of shit.

Current Mood: pissed the fuck off and sick
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
2:23 pm
today at work i heard darrel abbout aka dimebag darrel was shot by some fuck. dimebag is the most influential metal guitarist in metal today. the only equal to zakk wilde in influence. his brutal riffs and crazy shredding techniques have been a lesson to me several times over the years. his tone is unparalelled which is why i put a dimebucker pick up on my guitar. im gonna miss him.

in the mean time the anonymous crowd recorded last night and now were going through the long and arduous process of editing. itll sound good though.

tomarrow i have a show at the gaslighter in gilroy if anyone wants to go. should be fun times.

ive been busy... lots of shit on my mind. for example how the fuck am i gonna make rent next month???? what the fuck is up with paige being a bunch of douche bags???

today at work my boss told me i was going slow on purpose so i would have more hours even though i was 20 minnutes ahead of schedule. it was total bullshit and i dont take that so i started yelling at him. he threatened to fire me and of course being the stubborn asshole i am i kept pushing. finally he apoligized. lil bitch. fuck that guy. i need a cigerette. i havent even had one today.
Monday, November 29th, 2004
7:10 pm
i need to quit thinking for myself because i dont know whats best for me. i need a third person party to tell me what to do in all my decisions. i feel like no matter what i do ill suffer equally. im selfish.
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
3:29 pm
well... im 20 now and christina is 17. bush is our new president. what happened yesterday???
Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
4:25 pm
this sunday... i turn 20... kinda scary
Monday, October 25th, 2004
3:04 pm
back to the evil grind of everyday life while working in a god forsaken pizza kitchen
Today is monday and that in itself is depressing but my last 5-6 days have been so awesome that it doesnt seem that bad.

thursday... god damn.... i say god damn... got to see the mars volta play a 2 hour set that only consisted of 6-7 songs. sooooooooo amazing. except for the singer. cedric fuckin sucks. hate that guy. oh and their guitarist too. hella shitty. JUST KIDDING. oh my god. thank yyou sue

friday was similar to a weeknight in the UK because we drank until 4 am. i believe weed was thrown into the mix. i tried going down the slide at slide hill park standing up. ended up landing on my face. then some random high school kids from vacaville show up and ask us where the party is at. all the guys came up and were talking but the girls kept a 20 foot distance from me arya jeff and shelley. guess were a sketchy group of people. the guys were complete retards and i told them that i did meth with gg allen.

Saturday i drank all day, went to wal mart, sachi started making my costume because she is the shit and one of the coolest people ive ever met. sue is too. me, radish, alex, hector, and jeff went to a random party at a guy, who likes soccer a lot's, house. Drank some good beer. returned and drank some more beer. went to sleep.

sunday i woke up at 12 drank for 3 hours then fell asleep for another 4 hours. woke up and did my laundry. chris came over and we had a couple of cocktails. then we met up with arya and kile and smoked some more weed. came home called christina ended what was a damn good sequence of days.

once again two things could have made it 100X better. Christina. and playing a show and partying with my boys from paige.
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
3:43 pm
god damn
buying that weed was a big mistake.
Monday, October 18th, 2004
8:27 pm
what does it mean when you spend a whole day trying to think of something to write in a livejournal post about a special person but your tongue tied for words??? i tried to think all day of the best way to express how i feel but the words never came because they dont exist.

fuckin alexisonfire.... holy shit .... all i have to say about them is rock the fuck on.

fuckin paige... i love partying with my boys from paige despite african americans in the band that can be complete dicks to really cool people.

beer bongs and weed... my achilles heel.
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
10:51 pm
finally a difference
tonight i finally saw a difference in the policies of bush and kerry... i missed the second debate but the first debate it sounded like they wanted the same shit only some small differences along the way. Im voting nadar... fuck it it doesnt even matter in this state.

this is my second week of drinking everyday. im not worried about. i smoke cigerettes too.

reason not to do pcp: you may eat your girlfriend

favorite part about making cocktails: people telling you that your cocktail is good

i need to practice guitar. i spend all my time drinking and talking to christina. i need to focus. i need to stop writing this livejournal because i feel my guitar skills failing.

favorite people of the day: pete, sue and christina
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
4:23 pm
no more sketchy parties
im over people who are sketch and from davis... im also over having serious conversations for long periods of time at a party... especially if someone gets offended in the process... especially when its my fault and two of my friends argue.
Monday, October 11th, 2004
4:49 pm
weekend could have been better but still consider a success
despite everything that went wrong... power going out right before we were supposed to play, unearth being sold out, people using me for free porno, people puking on my favorite chair... this weekend has been a blast. i owe it to two things: christina and alcohol. Plus mitzi and stephanie were hella cool too.

now its time for a long week of slaving away for my owner, jim, in a shitty pizza kitchen.

hey hey hey hey

smoke weed everyday
Saturday, October 9th, 2004
2:39 am
random doods on my coach
who the fuck is passed out on my couch??? hella random fools. kinda sketch.

tonight was our first party at my new house and it was really fun. thanks to all the people that came out i had a lot of fun. but this random dood couch claim is rediculous... lets say tomarrow, during my hangover fury ,i decide to sit in the working mans chair. theres some random guy in my couch with no shirt on....

this is not what i wanted when i moved out.

i wanted some peace and tranquility with other responsible people. people who dont pass out on random coaches...

this week has been kinda long with a lot of ups and downs but tomarrow i hope will be a great way to finish my week.
Friday, July 30th, 2004
12:28 pm
Im writing this on my break from work. Work sucks. I dont wanna work anymore. Last night was carsons bday party. It was a new crowd of people for me. Some kids who are pro skaters or something were there and they were chillin. Some kid spilled beer all over himself after he fucked up trying to use the beer bong. it was amusing. i smoked myself stupid. I need to quit smoking everyday. I hate going to work and not being able to complete my setences because i forgot what i was talking about. i hate being to high to try and talk to a girl. Weed sucks!! But i always write my best songs when im high so i cant quit completely. cigs suck too im gonna quit those. Im moving to davis in one month. Im excited but im nervous how its gonna work out with paige. Oh ya and we got another show booked in aug.13 at some bar in SF. Once again i dont have all the info coz our bass player sucks but when i get it ill post it.  Check out saosin song and the new version of the flower song .
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
11:10 pm
I had a show with my new band on friday. It was my first show with them and i am not all that happy with my performance. I made up for it on sunday when i played at the fox theater.

So my bassist tells me that we have a try out for some gig in october which is gonna get a lot of publicity. I dont think he got all the information straight because when we got there we found out we were trying out for the rocky horrer picture show. They played us some songs from the score and it was pretty shocking. We played our demo straight through. We pretty much nailed it except the vocals were to low. I dont think we got the job but i thought it was fun playing at the fox.

I hate work but i do i what i gotta do. Working 42 hours this week and getting some over time. Its sad when 42 hours of your time adds up to 337 dollars. I hate work. Its making me smoke more.

Theres a new song on paige's pure volume site. www.purevolume.com/paigecal ... check em out.

show on aug. 19th at carlitos at 543 w. market st. Ill have more info on that show later. Same with our aug 21st show at the salinas skate park. Check up on it coz ill keep stuff posted. Most like jeff and his girlfriend are gonna be the only people reading this but what the hell. Come check us out jeff and mariah!!
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