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Art is Hard

31 October
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On halloween in 1984 i was brought into this world in a hostpital in Minneapolis, MN. My father, Isaac Kaminer, was a 24 year old immigrant from the USSR studying at the University of Minneasota. My mother was a 4th generation Minnesotan and the daughter of a war veteren. 6 months after I was born my parents were married. We lived in Minneapolis for 6 more months after the wedding. 1985 my father completed his Master's degree in electrical engineering and accepted a job at Boing in Seattle. Here I attended a Montesory school until the age of 5. Ny father grew restless in his position at Boing and decided to go back to school to obtain his PHD. My parents sold everything and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. This era in my life is what I refer to as the "Golden Era" of my life. I lived a student housing development for students with families. Young kids from intelectual families like my own played in the huge complex of townhouses, a giant forrest with a stream, and small playgrounds. It was here when I started playing the piano. After I turned 7 my father completed his PHD and accepted a job offer from the government as a professor of Aerodynamics at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA. For the first 8 months of my father's new job, I lived in Minneasota with my grandparents and attended 2nd grade for half a year. After the 8 months were up i moved out to Salinas, CA where my father had taken a residence in a house in a housing development called Creekbridge. Creekbridge was where I would reside for the rest of my grammer school, middle school, and highschool education. Creekbridge was a middle class area mainly for commuters to the great boom we know as Silicon Valley. I finished my 2nd grade year at John Steinbeck elementary school. My parents soon realized how poor the educational system in California is and made the decision to home school me. I was homeschooled from 3rd grade through 5th grade. I returned to Steinbeck for my 6th grade year because my mother was having some serious emotional problems from her marriage and was taking it out on me. This really pissed me off and I became a rebel. All my friends from this era are now either incarcerated or all fucked up on meth. In 7th grade my parents put me into an all boys catholic school called Palma. My 7th grade year was a very passive year. I just listened to heavy metal and made dark inuendos in my english class. In 8th grade my friend Jeff exposed me to a whole new world of music. Punk Rocknroll. For the next 4 years of my life me and jeff would sew patches on our clothing, go to as many punk shows as possible and bleach our hair every summer. I bought a skateboard, an electric guitar, and i started a band. We played one show for the high school talent show and we were a huge success for a bunch of 15 years olds. We broke up after i bought a bunch of recording equipment. I would spend hours with this equipment which my mother so kindly bought me. My freshmen year my parents finally divorced, i dropped out of private school and attended salinas high. I started playing in the jazz band as a guitarist which was a big switch for me from jazz piano. Here i met peter holbert and daniel ramirez who taught me most of what i know about the guitar today. My music interests diversified quite a bit while I was in high school. Starting with punk from freshmen to sophomore year to hardcore my junior and beginning of my senior year to the broad interest in music i have today which ranges from metal, emo, punk, rocknroll, to jazz and classical. End of my junior year I joined a band called the reactions. We were basically rocknroll with punk influences. This was my first real gig/recording experience. We made our own EP and played shows every weekend. We broke up end of october and my life took a downfall. I started smoking weed and drinking everyday, stopped practicing guitar so much, forgot to go to my sats, everything just took a turn spiralling downhill. After i barely graduated high school my parents had kicked me out and I had nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no inspiration. The pithole of Salinas had sucked me in and I was in a bad position. I made the best decision of my life at that point. I decided to move to Israel for 6 months to work and study heebrew. I had several eye opening experiences and I was inspired to write 2 and a half songs. My music and life's goals had taken a 180 turn and now today I am a better man from my past experiences and I'm ready ton take on the world. Im willing to do what it takes to fulfill my dreams and pursue my passions.